Daelen's Story

submitted by parents David and Sheri Cleugh

β€œOn April 4th, 1995, Daelen was born via C-Section at Cowichan District Hospital. After 27 hours of labour and, and a team of doctors responding, Daelen's heart rate was flat-lined and they decided to do an emergency C-Section. This is when Daelen had a stroke which we now know effected all 4 lobes of his left brain and he has right-side cerebral palsy.

Daelen was diagnosed after a CT scan when he was 18 months old. At the age of 4 we had an official Nero-phych done, which suggested that Daelen would never be independent. It was reported that he would always require someone to be with him for school, speech, work and day to day living. Thankfully, due to much hard work and support, Daelen is the amazing 19 year old that he is.

Daelen has the ability to work independently, he drives, and is graduating high school (home-schooled with Regent Christian Academy, past 5 years) with his Evergreen diploma. We are so proud of him!

He started school at Duncan Christian School and in Grade 1 started riding at Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association at Providence Farm in Duncan. Lisa Pink was his instructor and she has been his instructor and coach ever since. It was thought that this was really beneficial for his confidence and his CP and Lisa really nurtured Daelen and pushed him to overcome many obstacles.

Daelen took to riding with much enthusiasm even though it was difficult and challenging for him. He has ridden every year since and his dream is to actually go to the Olympics as a Paralympic Equestrian Level 3.  We are starting with his first goal this summer the BC summer games. As we believe in supporting all 7 of our children in their dreams and goals, we have supported Daelen to continue riding and go to the BC Summer Games in 2014.”

-          David and Sheri Cleugh (2014)

(photo courtesy: Sheri Cleugh)
(photo courtesy: Sheri Cleugh)