2019 Ride-a-Thon

What is it? 

The Ride-a-Thon is a fun and highly interactive way for participants, families, volunteers, and the community to come together and raise funds towards CTRA’s charitable program.

This year's event is RODEO themed with riders completing a special obstacle course over the week of June 15 – 21 and closes out with a big celebration picnic on Saturday June 22.

How does it work?

Christian Lawson and "Ember"

Participants, families, staff, and volunteers are organized into teams supporting one of CTRA’s 15 therapy horses and raise pledges in order to advance their horse towards the fundraising finish line.

Everyone is a winner at the Ride-a-Thon - with participation and incentive prizes awarded to participants along with special trophies for the top pledge-earners.

How can I support the Ride-a-Thon? 

CTRA is actively seeking sponsors and pledge-donors to help support this important event.

$200 t-shirt sponsorships and $500 event sponsorships are a great way for local businesses to connect with the community and support a great cause.

Individuals looking to support a participant, team, or the charity generally are encouraged to donate pledges in person (through the CTRA office or a Ride-a-Thon team member) or online (you will receive a tax receipt through Canada Helps).  Note: If you are supporting a specific individual/team make sure you identify the participant or horse team that your contribution should count towards. 

For more information on this event please contact our office. 

See you at the races!